Marshall Jefferson launches a crowdfunding campaign to record a Binaural album with Sleezy D

Marshall Jefferson has just launched a crowdfunding campaign via KickStarter  to record a Binaural album on Sleezy D!

Here’s the campaign  description:

“Recording an album on Sleezy D, with whom I did what some call the very 1st “Acid House” record. I built my own microphone especially for the project, which I’m calling the “Househead” or “Ron” for short.

 Sleezy has been my close friend for 35+ years and is the living embodiment of “The life of the party”; He dances from the 1st song to the last. When we did “I’ve Lost Control” it was in my basement and Sleezy kind of lost it to the music.”

The goal of the campaign is to raise money for pressing a triple / quadruple album on vinyl, with a great album art and a story behind it which the House lengend claims he’s already working on.

In case the original goal of the campaign is excedeed, the money will go towards videos and promotion of the LP.

If you wish to fund the campaign you can make a donation  here.


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