Listen to Xilent’s debut Album “We Are Virtual”!

It has taken him about three years to finish it but the result was definitely worth it! Xilent’s long awaited Album: “We Are Virtual” has been dominating charts all over the world in the past weeks.

The LP has rocketed at #1 on Beatport’s overall releases and is now ranked at the 11th position in the US iTunes Dance Chart. This long awaited debut Album has been a serious deal for the Polish producer, as in the past years he has been constantly on the road.  The challenge for him was to release an album that would be coherent to his style as working in so many different environments can be kind of frustrating for the creativity of an artist. However Xilent has managed to fit into his one hour long LP his imprint,  a multi-faceted but yet coherent debut album that shines all of the artist’s differents moods.

You can stream the entire album here:

And you can grab the album  here:

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