Ladydust, is the official trademark of Marina Tsigonaki, disc jokey, radio producer & actress.

Coming to music, she has appeared as a guest deejay for the last 15 years , producing hundreds of dj sets, touring all over her country, Greece, and at venues in Europe, namely Paris, Amsterdam, London and Bucharest .

At her most recent event in Bucharest, she was billed alongside Daniel Miller &  Nadine Shah (UK).

Moreover Ladydust has done the music production in the fashion shows of D. Valente president of greek designers, and she’s been the main guest star in other big fashion events such as the 360 Bazaar in central Athens syntagma square or in ‘Denim Circus Exhibition’ (Paris).

 Ladydust will be touring Australia/Asia and
is available for booking from November till February with

check her latest  mixes on






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