Kofi (Former Gorillaz Soundsystem) is now available for shows

KOFI is an ever evolving DJ, producer, and UK DMC Champion with skills ranging from battle djing to party rocking to radio and tour djing. His work with the Gorillaz Sound System opened his eyes to the possibilities of live performance, working with drummers and percussionists. Now Kofi is just ready to share his creation with the world!

His turntable wizardry and innovative selections have taken him to clubs and festivals in over 43 countries with residencies in Russia, Greece, Switzerland and the UK. Kofi’s fan base includes stars such as Coldplay, Blur, Jay Z, Kelis, and the Williams sisters.

His production varies from Hip Hop to EDM, a new live show and some more music releases are soon to come.

Have a listen to his deejay mixes on https://www.mixcloud.com/therealdjkofi/


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