Kid Creme – Austin’s Groove 2015 [SUARA186]

Including Huxley, Gene Farris and Volkoder remixes
Available on Suara

Back in 2001, Austin’s Groove was released on Subliminal Records. It was made by a talented house music producer called Kid Creme. Now in 2015, Austin’s Groove is considered a true house anthem and Kid Creme a legend. On Suara we’ve decided to give it a facelift and adapt it to the times we are living. That’s why we’ve asked some of the hottest producers nowadays to give their personal re-interpretations to this masterpiece. Here you can find remixes from Huxley, Gene Farris and Volkoder plus a full 2015 makeover from Kid Creme himself, exploring the dark side of Austin’s Groove. Suara links past and present with this special release!

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Artwork by GaAs

Mastering by


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