Jeff Mills further pushing boundaries between man & machines!

Jeff Mills, also known as the Wizard, is famous for pushing boundaries between electronic music, arts and technology.  Lately he has been collaborating with the worlds most famous museum, the Louvre, for a series of concerts and acts bridging electronic music, fine arts and classical ballets choreographies.
The Techno pioneer is famous for touring around the globe  with his trusty Roland  TR 909 drum machine which has definitely become part of his signature sound. Well Mr Mills has recently done a collaboration with the sound artist and designer, Yuri Suzuki to reshape his trusty drum machine into a more user friendly and futuristic design that was called “The Visitor”(Pictured below).   Moreover Mills has recently created a unique in its kind exhibition in Tokio called “Weapons” in which he showcases his Ufo-shaped drum machine.

The Visitor:


Mills messing around with  his trustworthy TR 909:


To read more about the exhibition and about “The Visitor” have a look at the RBMA website: here.


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