Imagination feat. Errol Kennedy added to the roster!

The legendary & iconic British pop/soul/disco-funk band Imagination was formed in 1981 by Ashley Ingram (bassist, vocals), Errol Kennedy (drummer, vocals) and Leee John (lead vocals) and came to prominence quickly with their first single “BODY TALK”.

Imagination feat. Errol Kennedy.

Two more hit singles followed that year, “IN AND OUT OF LOVE” and “FLASHBACK”, all from their debut album, also called “BODY TALK”.

In spring 1982 “JUST AN ILLUSION” was released and spent the next 13 consecutive months rocking the charts and dance floors around the globe reaching #1 in Europe and many other parts of the world.

The 2nd album “IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT” was even more successful with “MUSIC AND LIGHTS”, “IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT” and “CHANGES” – and was accompanied by a sell-out concert tour across Europe… [read more]



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