German mastermind; Zombie Nation has a new EP !!

Bavarian bad boy @Zombie-Nation returns to Turbo with SOMETHING ELSE.

Freshly relocated to NY, Munich-born Florian Senfter shows off the sound of his artisanal Brooklyn studio with this expertly produced EP of club-ready bombs. Title track ‘Something Else’ flexes serious sonic skills, with a low-end that has enough weight and definition to make an experienced producer want to throw in the towel and do something else with their life. The vocal hook lifts the pop potential, the trippy synth fx keep things weird enough for the people on drugs, and the loose drum samples add just enough funky town to get normaloids on the floor. Top notch. Hit.

You can check out the EP, his new mixtape and a “live studio jam” version of one of the tracks below…


Zombie Nation – Something Else EP:

Workhorse (Live Studio Version):

2016 DJ Mix:

Zombie Nation is available for DJ and Live sets this spring/summer!


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