Ever dreamed of an event promoter career?

Being an event promoter might seem just fascinating and full of fun. If you ever thought how amazing it might be making amazing social contacts, meeting celebrities and partying as their career, you considered an event promoter job for sure.  But what does it actually take to become a good and thriving event promoter?

First of all, it’s a job for a perfectionist

You should be really obsessed with details and master self-organizational skills to succeed tin this profession. Permanent anxiety about making all things right and ideal will lead to great result but may have consequences for mental health. You still can work as an event promoter with a light almost not caring attitude but just don’t expect much success in that case.

It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle

This is definitely not a type of a job, where you can just leave your office at 6 pm. and leave things behind. To really flourish in this field you should be spinning around the event visitors and coordinators circle all the time. Constant socializing is a key to promote your event.

Also it takes lots of out-off-office time to plan and prepare an event. Days before the event it’s almost a 24h per day work. And considering the fact that most of the events take part on weekends, you actually will work 24/7 almost all the time.

But if you purely enjoy busy and saturated lifestyle of socialites and party animals, you will be lucky to make your hobby a career.


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