Europe’s first Techno museum set to open in Frankfurt

DJ Andreas Tomalla (aka TALLA 2XLC) who’s considered one of the first persons to have used the word “Techno”  and the owner of Frankfurt’s first Techno nightclub the Technoclub, just announced that he is going to open the first European Techno museum: The MOMEN: The Museum of Modern Electronic Music.

We will not enter this skirmish but here at Deejaybooking we believe  that Juan Atikins was the one that started using the word “techno” after taking inspiration from Alvin Toffler’s book, “The Third Wave”.  Anyway, along with exhibits like Graphic Design, History & Influences, Global Movement and Wardrobe & Wearables, this unique space will also feature live events and DJ workshops.

Check out the floor plan below and have a look at the website if you want learn more.


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