Discover the 4th Edition of the Forum For Digital Creation

Bringing together journalism and the newest immersive technologies to reimagine the digital society, collaborate on new works, and share the critical explorations with the public. The first step of this ambitious project will take place during MUTEK_IMG in the form of an extensive prototyping workshop as well as a series of public conferences!
MUTEK_IMG, the 4th edition of the forum on current practices in digital creation. It is a part of the official program of the Digital Spring in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut. Event will take place this April 11-13 at the Phi Centre.

MUTEK_IMG aims to strengthen the leadership of Montréal as a nerve centre of digital creativity. Event contributes to Montréal development and its influence by the promotion of its culture and creators  and the activation of local and international collaborations.

At the core of the event lies a conference program with panels, workshops and case studies. They are presented in collaboration with several partners. The digital art magazine HOLO, for example, explores a panoply of themes:

  • Immersive experiences: audiovisual performance, digital scenography, interactive installation, projection mapping, virtual and augmented reality.
  • Critical issues in digital culture: artificial intelligence, big data, the deep web, digital privacy, post-truth media, blurring the virtual and physical worlds, digital policies.
  • Visions of the future: prototyping tomorrow with art and design, human-machine choreographies, emerging storytelling tools, automated tools for creation and new digital aesthetics.

For the occasion, Interdisciplinary digital Renaissance man Daito Manabe, his Rhizomatiks Research group and ELEVENPLAY, led by choreographer MIKIKO will present the world premiere of their latest creation discrete figures. It combes corporeal and mechanical bodies in spectacular gyrations of dance and technology. The presentation will take place at the Monument-National on April 13 in collaboration with Moment Factory. Project supporter is the Japan Foundation through the Performing Arts JAPAN program.

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