Behind the scenes of a success story: Uner B2B Technasia

In a recent interview with the  german electronic music radio: PULSE RADIO the two talents explain the ins and outs of their B2B collaboration,  give us some insight about the electronic music scene and tell us how they came up with this project.

Apparently the idea came out after Technasia‘s birthday bash during last year’s WMC in Miami where the two DJs played a B2B set and enjoyed it to the point that they decided to concretize this project into a recurrent showcase in which the two artist show of their beatmatching skills as well as their different musical influences.

You can have a taste of the Duo’s vibe with this set recorded last summer at Ushuaia in Ibiza:

You can catch them playing together at several events this year such as Watergate in Berlin, Pacha Festival and Dance Valley.

Or if you wish to book this banging B2B performance for your venue get in touch with us!




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