Beat X Changers label night and their artists are available for bookings!

Beat X Changers « label’s activities » really begun in 2013 with a digital compilation release with the appearance of a manifest, a shout-out that brung together all the rising artists of the web. This compilation was followed by a first vinyl called « Just You EP » by  X_1, then came out «  Pris EP » , the very  first 12′ by the well known Neue Grafik and finally the amazing « Space Body and Soul »  produced by Monomite. At the same time appeared on the web 3 other compilations and 2 digitals EP.

However, the strength of the collectif should not be resume to a simple label, far from it.

Online community of music-lover, Beat X Changers puts together as much influences and styles then it has active members. Going through every horizons such as House music, HipHop, Garage, techno and futures beat…they have no limits. The story starts in 2011 around the commun need of its adherent to grow around a spontaneous, participative and eclectic approach of electronic music.

A community, a label ? fosho. But not only, as Beat X Changers put its seed in more and more well known events in legendary parisian clubs: Concrete, Nouveau Casino, Rex, Machine du moulin rouge and 75021. And last but not least, their huge project around House Dance: Tap Water Jam and Dancing Heroes.

You can book them and their artists with us!



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