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DJ Jes

Fresca Recordings / Tardis / NRK / Siesta / Made in Frankfurt / 4trk / Camouflage / Chicago Groove / IHR / Contaminated / Realestate / Afterhours / Skyline selections / Immigrant records / Catalyst Recordings / Tang / Concrete Music / Uncle P. - USA


Born in Mexico and raised in Chicago, Jes has been exposed to the Chicago music culture since the early 80’s. It was very early on when Jes realized his passion for music and began working on his musical career. Growing up on the West side of Chicago, Jes saw his peers choosing a lifestyle of gangs and guns with daily activity of violence. It was then that Jes decided to lead a life of musical expression and lift himself to a higher state of being. Embracing his negative childhood exposure, Jes used that... [read more]