The 9th ‘It’s On Dot presents Nicuri

The ninth 'It’s On Dot presents' session on 04/03/15 we handed over the honours to one of New Jersey’s finest, Nicuri.

Born and raised in Union City, New Jersey, Nicuri’s journey toward producing music and DJing took hold later than most. Moving in circles surrounding the Exchange Place crew (DJ Qu, Joey Anderson & David Salazar) helped craft his style of DJing & music influences. Musical influences were many, especially growing up in the early 80s, listening from hip hop to new wave and other form of genres in and around those times.

Nicuri’s first track release was on DJ Qu’s record label Strength Music on the Exchange Place series called “Ridinthatneedle”. It was a start on his journey to connect with people through his music. His fledgling discography include other releases on labels such as Growin Music, Inimeg Records, Bliq, Mora Music, YYG. In 2014, he had established his own record label called “Sound Theories”.


Listen to the session here:


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